Re-evaluating Laptops in the Classroom

School region was the toast of the ed tech network – acclaimed as a sparkling case of how smart phones enhance training. That year, PBS NewsHour communicate a component story demonstrating how the region 25 miles north of Charlotte gave each understudy a workstation (more…)

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Teachers Are the Key to Quality Education

Teachers Are the Key to Quality Education

As we delay this Labor Day to praise the country’s specialists, we ought to likewise consider those whose calling readies the nationals and workforce of tomorrow: early youth educators who work with youngsters consistently. A kid’s initial five years are the most basic for neurological improvement, with their brains framing in excess of one million neural associations for (more…)

Rethinking Education in America

Duncan has put in the vast majority of his life around education, from assisting out there at the after-school community middle his mom created in one the most stressed areas on Chicago’s South Aspect, to working Chicago General public Academic institutions as its key professional formal and then portion for (more…)